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Elections and general update

Posted by edison1205 on January 13, 2010

The agenda for the Wednesday township council meeting is here.

Now, I know that we just finished a governor’s election and that we in Edison are facing two school referendums on Jan. 26.  But just in case you weren’t all election-ed out, the Ledger is reporting on the races for Middlesex County Clerk and Middlesex County Sheriff that will be fought out in November 2010.  [Updated version of story here].  So far, incumbent D Joe Spicuzzo and Keith Hackett, an R who is a retired trooper are the candidates for sheriff.  Incumbent D Elaine Flynn and Harold Kane, an R, are the Clerk candidates.

Don’t forget there will also be freeholder races and at least one township council seat on the ballot next November.  Also up for re-election (we assume) will be the members of Congress that represent Edison, Frank Pallone and Leonard Lance.

“But it’s many months away,” you might complain.  And rightly so.  But we mention this now only because if you want to run for these offices, you need to file petitions.  And anyone who wants to run in the primary needs to have those petitions filed by April 12.  To run for Congress you need 200 signatures; county offices require 100 signatures and local offices require 50.

We aren’t advertising this because we dislike any of the incumbents.  But we believe in spreading the word about how you run for office and the basic steps needed even months before the election.  So now you know.

[UPDATED 1/23/2010 to correct a factual error brought to our attention.]


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