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Township council meetings, summary of new material

Posted by edison1205 on January 23, 2010

There’s lots of new content today: we have posted our long-awaited opinion on the school referendum and we also have a writeup on the county budget in another post below.

Also, the agenda for Monday’s council worksession is here for your review.

It looks fairly routine: a new member of the Planning Board is joining.  But look for questions about Generated Materials, an open environmental matter that has gone undiscussed in public since December.

And of course, look for people giving their last-minute spin on the school referendum at the Monday worksession, and for cheers and jeers about the result of the referendum at the Wednesday regular meeting.  Along with the usual discussion of personnel decisions.

We would like to see some questions asked about timelines on the annual budget, and get word on labor negotiations, which were discussed at the last meeting in closed session.  With the fear and trembling caused by Trenton’s recent statements about the State budget, we’re anxious to know what the impact here will be.

We are grateful to the bloggers at for their kind words for our new site.  Their summary of recent Edison news from multiple sources certainly makes it easier for people interested in the township to follow along without visits to different web-based and paper sites and we encourage our readers to take a look.


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