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Snow ends (updated 2x)

Posted by edison1205 on February 4, 2010

UPDATE 6PM Saturday, Feb. 6.  Snow has ended, with maybe 4-5 inches near my house.  A mere 60 miles away in Philly, they got 28 inches.  Sounds like Public Works has done their usual good job with the streets.  The clock is ticking on sidewalk shoveling, though.  As I mentioned below, I really hope that for this storm people do what the law requires of them.


UPDATE 9PM Friday, Feb. 5 — the Big News continues to be the snowstorm.   The National Weather Service’s latest estimate is now predicting about 7 inches for the Edison area, though more — or less — is entirely possible.  We continue to be under a Winter Storm Warning.  This is far better than areas like DC/Baltimore, which are forecast to get 20-30 inches by the time the storm winds down.  Snowfall should end around 3pm tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay warm!


Middlesex County is under a winter storm warning beginning at 6pm tomorrow.  The current forecast calls for the snow to begin sometime during the afternoon, with 8-12 inches expected by the time the snow ends Saturday evening.

We’ll post updates to this if the weather-guessers’ forecasts change.

Township code § 19-2 calls for the owners, occupants, or tenants of property to have abutting sidewalks cleared of snow within 12 daylight hours after the snow falls.  Failure to do can result in a summons or fine, or the township can clear the snow and bill the owner in the same way that taxes are collected.

We’ll post updates to this if the township code changes. 🙂

As this is not the first snow of the season, hopefully people will understand and comply with this requirement.  And if they don’t, I hope the township will enforce its ordinances.  Finally, I hope the township won’t burden the snow shovelers by plowing the snow onto the sidewalk.

But during the storm, let’s all enjoy the beauty and silence that the soft snowflakes will bring us.


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