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BREAKING: BOE rejects referendum plan

Posted by edison1205 on February 22, 2010

We are told by a friend who was at the Board of Ed. meeting tonight that the $137 million referendum was voted down by the Board.  However, the preliminary budget was approved, with everyone there — board, administration and public — all realizing that the numbers in it are entirely meaningless.  We are not sure of the vote margin, or of who voted yes or no, on either proposal.

So to recap: There will be no referendum redux, no rerun of the revolting recommendation to the rabble that they return to the polls this April to review and then rule on this request.  For now, this reasonless referendum is resting in peace.


One Response to “BREAKING: BOE rejects referendum plan”

  1. Redneck said

    And note that incumbents Errico & Scerbo voted NO. This is very unusual as these two are in the union’s pocket. Perhaps the unions told them that voting no would get them votes in April while preserving $ for teacher raises.

    This sounds like the appointed BOEs which always put aside capital improvements to fund teacher salaries.

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