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BOE candidates

Posted by edison1205 on March 2, 2010

And the candidates for BOE are:

Lori Bonderowitz
Ralph Errico (incumbent)
Veena Iyer
Rosemary Meade (incumbent)
Susan Scerbo (incumbent)
John Szilagyi (withdrew)
Theresa E. Ward

Feedback/comments on these candidates is welcome below.


5 Responses to “BOE candidates”

  1. Redneck said

    The incumbents running are part of a huge problem. They have been around too long…of course Mr. Dickinson has served the longest & most would agree that he is entrenched with the ETEA. Mrs. Scerbo & Mr. Errico are both pro-union & must go. Mrs. Scerbo knows little about finances as evidenced by her willingness to go along with whatever the administration prposes. Mr. Errico was on the BOE before & was a huge dissapointment following Andrew Petruzzi’s lead. New blood is badly needed.

  2. Halem said

    Veena Iyer, Theresa Ward, and Lori Bonderwitz, not qualified to represent taxpayers.

    Veena Iyer, Theresa Ward, and Lori Bonderwitz are not qualified to represent the taxpayers of Edison on the Board of Education. Vena Iyer is the sisterinlaw of Pryia Goplin the person who worked in Choi’s mayor office and was caught on the phone asking for political contributions to a Choi fund raiser. This woman is nothing but a shill for Jun Choi and if you did not want Jun Choi as mayor then you don’t want this woman on the board. Theresa Ward is not qualified due to the fact she is another Jun Choi rubber stamp as can be demonstrated by the letters she has written supporting Choi against Toni Ricigliano our mayor. We now come to Lori Bonderwitz who ran on the ticket for council with Pipila for mayor a Choi endorsed ticket. Lori has another problem in that she may have to explain the number of people living in her house and whether she is running a boarding house rather than a single family house. The fact of the matter is a vote for these three stooges is like voting to put Mascola on the board of education, a guy who who cannot manage his own finances. A vote for these three stooges is is not a vote for responsible board members but a vote for Jun Choi’s bid rigs and jobs where people do not have to show up.

  3. zapot said

    i now the old candidates , and am not sold on them yet as i am very disappointed in the performance of the BOE, scores dropped ,drugs are big with the kids and staff ,i feel a change is warranted , but what qualifications do the new people have and what affiliations (family in the system)?

  4. Redneck said

    “Halem” continues to assasinate people he feels are not old time Dems with supposition & innuendo. Don’t listen to him(her).

  5. TMan said

    Well Redneck, you are way off base. Halem is right on the money with almost all that was said in the March 6 message. You can verify it independtly if you wish just like I did. However, I like many of my neighbors have qualms with keeping the current BOE. They have been relatively ineffective and a change would be welcome. But 2 of the B.E.S.T. endorsed three I wouldn’t let run a hot dog stand. The Republican shill Lori Bonderowitz, and the not in the least qualified old timer Theresa Ward. Only Veena Iyer seems worth a look and she has liabilities as well.

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