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Blue laws

Posted by edison1205 on March 20, 2010

In New Jersey, it is illegal to buy or sell a motor vehicle on Sunday.  In Bergen County, most retailing is forbidden on Sunday (restaurants, groceries and pharmacies are notable exceptions).

Middlesex County could have such a law if the voters approved it at a referendum. What do you think? Would you support or oppose such a law? Do you think it’s a good idea to have a day free from consumeristic pressure and traffic (much from out of town or from Staten Island)? Or do you prefer the convenience of satisfying your shopping whims whenever you want?

Please vote in the poll below.


One Response to “Blue laws”

  1. tony said

    How many people work on sunday, in this economy how many of those workers can afford to lose the days wages???

    Like it or not, the commerce received from the Staten Islanders is a big part of your economy.., and you can not afford to lose it in the middle of this current recession.

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