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New business administrator

Posted by edison1205 on March 26, 2010

The mayor has nominated Dennis Gonzalez as Edison’s new business administrator and the council confirmed him even before word of his nomination was widely known (although there has been speculation for a while).   While I have never met the man, I have to say that what I read about him gives me some concerns.

The Trenton papers call him “Gonzo,” and some of the comments on his tenure in this article raise concerns about “money wasted on court cases and charges against firefighters and police officers.”  It doesn’t bode well given all the litigation pending here.

Journalists have also observed that he had an “abrasive style” during his tenure in Trenton and council persons have commented on his “arrogance.”

According to the author of this site, Gonzalez threatened a citizen with a lawsuit “for asking questions about Trenton’s economic development activities, or lack thereof.”  Threats like that will not go over here very well, especially considering the outspokenness and litigiousness of the township’s residents and employees.

Finally, this post claims he often makes “disrespectful gestures” and “snicker[s]” during public council meetings.  It goes on to urge the Trenton City Council to show him the door.  In addition to Snickers, we have heard concerns about Milky Ways and 3 Musketeers as well.

All kidding aside, however, this process lacked the necessary transparency.

Anyone with a long career in government, as he has had, is sure to have made some enemies.  We aren’t knowledgeable enough about Trenton to know whether these allegations are legit, or simply exaggerations raised by political rivals or disgruntled citizens.

The mayor of Edison won her election nearly 4 1/2 months ago, and we are not going to fault her for taking time to select a candidate.  But having decided, it was wrong to not allow for a public vetting and airing of views about this nominee.

Gonzalez will be the chief operating officer of an organization still without a budget for this year, but with some $120 million a year in revenues and expenses.  That’s bad enough, but Ricigliano’s failure to allow more public scrutiny of this nomination was a big disappointment.

Let’s hope this lack of transparency is not repeated, and that Gonzalez’s attitude toward Edison taxpayers will be a positive one.


6 Responses to “New business administrator”

  1. edjcrushr1 said

    Dennis Gonzalez is a monster. God help you.

  2. BillK said

    If you combine Rasputin with the devil you get Dennis Gonzalez. Edison doesn’t even know the half of it…this guy is disrespectful, arrogant sphincter who is better at getting around the law than he is at upholding it. He is he king of one shot money fixes and creative financing. He will not in any way work WITH a council or residents. The mayor will have her hands full. I’m just glad this kracken has been released on Edison and he’s gone from Trenton!

  3. Michael said

    He is a civil servant who despises the public and hates serving anyone. Besides that, there are some major ethical concerns. I truly don’t believe that he is satisfied unless he can cause someone else pain. I would never wish him on another community in spite of the fact that it would mean that he leaves Trenton.

    If your mayor wasn’t looked at with a suspicious eye before, she should be now. There is no good reason to hire this guy. We’ll say a prayer for you.

  4. Mighty Bee said

    If anyone had been paying attention when all the sheep in Edison voted for Toni, they should have seen this coming. She had no idea what she is doing, and is totally dependent of those clowns that she surrounds herself. Shame on you, Edison.

  5. tonibaloney said

    This is a really poor excuse for a mayor. She hired a high school dropout Bill Stephens and another political hack landscaper Rusamano to run the town. Now she brings in a corrupt BA to join her corrupt freinds over at the BOE. Hold on to your hats, boys…

  6. […] problems that “made it difficult for people to get along with him.”  Last April, we commented on Gonzalez’s appointment, explaining that his management style as observed in Trenton would not go over well here.  Here is […]

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