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School Board endorsements: Meade, Iyer, no on the budget

Posted by edison1205 on April 19, 2010

The polls for the Board of Education election will be open from noon to 9pm tomorrow.  You can find your polling place here.  We will also have results for the election when they become available.

The budget crisis has not changed our overall assessment of the Edison schools and its administration first published in January: in general, our schools provide good return on the money spent on them, as evidenced by comparative tax rates and comparative test scores.  This does not change the fact that (1) school administrators have made some bone-headed decisions for which redress is appropriate; and (2) there are areas in which our students need to increase achievements.

Unfortunately, out of the field of six candidates, we only see two who merit our endorsement.  Incumbent Rosemary Meade has the intellect and experience to justify re-election.  While she has contributed to some of the aforementioned fiscal and administration issues, it’s clear that she can be responsive to the taxpayers when necessary, as evidenced by her rejection of the capital referendum for this election and her advocacy for changes to the school budget for next year.

Similarly, newcomer Veena Iyer also merits your vote.  While experienced and tireless in her advocacy for kids and taxpayers, she also is the only candidate running  whose professional life is not closely connected with the education bureaucracy.  Her energy and diverse perspective will be a welcome addition to the Board.

We urge a no vote on the budget.  At this moment in time, too many people are out of work or earning less, while being taxed more through the repeal of property tax rebates and deductions.  And while the fault for the reduction in state aid and tax relief lies squarely at the feet of Republican Governor Chris Christie, we think that additional paring of expenses is needed this year in order to give taxpayers a fairer shake.

Some articles laying out the candidates’ background are here (Home News) and here (Sentinel).

Whether you agree with our recommendations or not, please turn out tomorrow (if you have not already voted by mail) and make sure your voice is heard.


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