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Endorsements for the 2010 Election:Congress

Posted by edison1205 on October 6, 2010

We will be making endorsements of the Congressional and county races, the local Edison race, and the State public question, in the weeks to come.  Tonight, it’s Congress time.

1. Congress (6th District-part of Edison): Frank Pallone.  Pallone has amassed a respectable record in his 22 years of service in the House of Representatives.  He has demonstrated leadership, especially on environmental and foreign affairs issues.  His opponent, Anna Little, has no federal political experience, and ran with the support of Tea Party affiliated groups, who like her politics that tend too far to the right to match the educated, cosmopolitan constituency that is the 6th District.

2. Congress (7th District-part of Edison):  A portion of Edison is located in the 7th CD.  We back Ed Potosnak, an innovative and experienced science teacher from Bridgewater for this seat.  His brief stint on Capitol Hill working for a California congressman gives him insight into federal legislative workings, but he is no Washington insider who has lost touch with everyday people. His opponent, Leonard Lance, is a gentleman and independent thinker who will break from his party when needed.  But three big mistakes lost him our support: his NO vote on the health care reform legislation; at least two NO votes on stimulus spending to help end the recession and get America working again; and his praise of  Chris Christie’s substantive budget decision and the means he uses to reach them. People in the CD-7 are hurting, and these votes make him seem out of touch.


For those parts of Edison in the 6th Congressional District

For those parts of Edison in the 7th Congressional District


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