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Endorsements for the 2010 Election: Freeholder

Posted by edison1205 on October 18, 2010

There are three, 3-year terms for the Board of Freeholders up for election this year.  Pete Dalina, Christopher Rafano and Blanquita Valenti are seeking re-election, and their challengers are Richard Frank, Jordan Rickards and David Rosenthal.

The incumbents, part of a monolithic party organization, have had an unremarkable tenure as freeholders, with not enough regard for controlling the costs of government.  Of the $408 million county budget, $57.4 million goes to “employee fringe benefits” and $85.3 million goes to debt service, paying off some projects that may not have been in the public interest.  Not great, not horrible, but definitely less than what Middlesex voters deserve.

Although Frank and Rosenthal are newcomers to public office, we think their private-sector business experience (especially Rosenthal’s) would add a good diversity of opinion to the county government.  We therefore endorse Richard Frank and David Rosenthal for freeholder. We do not endorse Rickards, for as much as we would like to see some more youthful faces on the board, his politics (proud Heritage Society member) and background (Liberty University for his undergrad degree) make clear that he is too far to the right for Middlesex County.


One Response to “Endorsements for the 2010 Election: Freeholder”

  1. Christin said

    Carpet bombed by Little

    Hi – I have been seardhing the web for one hour and am getting sliightly (to say the least) frustrated. Does anyone have a site where I can find out local or state ordinances on campaign signs?
    I normally do not care and would not complain about signs on public land. I’ve gone out at one in the a.m and put them up myself for candidates. But this is insane.

    My neighborhood was completely smothered and plastered by Anna Little signs on Route 27, Vinyeyard, Old Post Road – I mean every five feet there is a sign as you drive. It looks like crap, and my god. I need to wake up on the way to the bakery and see Tea Party approved???? In a neighborhood that voted out my progressive Mayor as it is?

    So, all that to say – isn’t there a law in NJ that signs on Private property ? DO NOT TOUCH. But i it’s on local land, as these two billion signs are? That they can come down? I mean if she put up some, that’s cool. BUt come on. I want them down. I will take them down myself if it is legal.

    Help. thanks.

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