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Endorsements for the 2010 Election: State Public Question

Posted by edison1205 on October 28, 2010

Aside from candidates, voters will also be asked to decide on a state public question that would bar the Legislature from reallocating money collected from employees and employers for unemployment and disability, to any purpose other than unemployment or disability.

The fact that we even need a constitutional amendment on this point is a shame in and of itself.  From 1992–2007, the legislature, with the approval of the governor, has passed laws 22 times to divert a total of $5.4 billion from these funds, collected from workers on the premise — and promise — that it would be used for their benefit in the case of unemployment or disability.  But this promise has been grossly violated time and time again, at the expense of working folks and their families.

Normally, we would not back the idea of putting budgetary decisions into the Constitution; generally, these calls have to be made from year to year by the annual budget law.  But legislatures and governors, from both parties have been so consistently irresponsible on this point, that the amendment is needed.  We recommend a YES vote on the State Public Question.

Fore more information, see the League of Women Voters analysis here.

Over the weekend will come the news you’ve all been waiting for: our endorsement for the Edison Council seat.


4 Responses to “Endorsements for the 2010 Election: State Public Question”

  1. Well put. But I worry the average voter is not going to understand this proposition. The interpretative statement on the sample ballot is just as unclear as the formal wording. I had to research the question for hours before I finally got it, and could make up my mind.

  2. Kimi Wei said

    You need a better spam filter. Rivertender is a spambot.

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