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New school superintendent

Posted by edison1205 on November 6, 2010

The new superintendent of schools of Edison Township will be Richard O’Malley, currently superintendent of the Matawan-Aberdeen district.  His salary will be $210,000 per year.

O’Malley became head of the Matawan-Aberdeen school district (which is far smaller than Edison) not long ago – in February 2008.  His starting salary there was $173,000.  As far as we can tell, his tenure was relatively uncontroversial, but it was short.  Nevertheless, the current year’s school budget caused some consternation there, although less than what was seen in Edison.

Home News coverage is here.

Any comments on the choice of Mr. O’Malley?  Please discuss.


3 Responses to “New school superintendent”

  1. Anonymous said

    This guy is a joke!

  2. Edison Resident said

    This guy is a joke! Don’t just sit back and watch the Edison school system fall apart because of what this guy is doing.

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