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The curious case of Rajnikant Parikh

Posted by edison1205 on November 6, 2010

In 2008, Rajnikant Parikh sued the Edison police and federal immigration officials.  He claimed that in July 2006, an Edison police officer arrested him, using excessive force in the process.  When he filed an internal affairs complaint against him, he says the officer retaliated by contacting federal immigration officials, which ultimately resulted in him being deported.

The events surrounding this case caused quite a scandal when they first occurred, with demonstrations and accusations from different segments of the community.  The resulting lawsuit was also bitterly fought, with all sides vigorously litigating their positions.

Looking into the status of the case, Edison Blog has learned of some unusual developments.  On June 29, Parikh’s lawyers wrote to the court saying that despite numerous “telephone calls, e-mails and letters” trying to find him in India, they had “not heard from him in months. We are concerned about Mr. Parikh and do not know what has happened to him.”  Three days later, the Court administratively dismissed Parikh’s case, saying that he had until December 31 of this year to seek reinstatement of the matter.

This is all very curious, and in less than 2 months, if he is not heard from, this case will end with a whimper.

Anyone knowing further details about this, please let us know by commenting below or through our private email at theedisonblog [at] gmail [dot] com.


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