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Edison school board results 2012

Posted by edison1205 on April 17, 2012

Election results from today’s board of education elections.  May not include absentee or provisional ballots.

Lora FONG  2,209√ YES  2,222 √
Margot HARRIS  2,106√
Deborah ANES (i)  2,191√  NO  2,186
David HOFFMAN  1,799
Joe ROMANO (i)  1,693
Michael WINTERS  1,045

Congratulations to those who won today!

If you experienced difficulties voting today, contact one or more of the following:

Middlesex Co. Board of Elections (732) 745-3471

League of Women Voters Assistance Line (800) 792-VOTE

N.J. State Division of Elections (609) 292-3760

U.S. Attorney Voter Hotline (609) 656-2558


One Response to “Edison school board results 2012”

  1. Anonymous said

    I want a recount of the question. I pay enough taxes

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