The Edison Blog: Edison, New Jersey

Making our community stronger through technology


Today, January 1, 2010, Edison Township begins a new administration, and today, a “small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens” also begins a new blog.

We aim to provide useful information and commentary about the government of the township, including its public schools, and the county and state generally.

UPDATE: Some people are asking, “What’s with the clock?”  The clock shows 12:05, and 1205 happens to be the municipal code of Edison within the state government.  There’s nothing sinister here as some have suggested — it’s just a simple piece of public-domain clip art used by a blogger whose graphics arts skills aren’t yet fully developed.  Hopefully our contributors’ writing and analysis will be more interesting!

CONTACT INFORMATION: You can reach the blog’s authors by writing to theedisonblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

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