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Updated April 24, 2010
  • Census Data:  Read the summary of the most recent U.S. Census data about Edison Township.  Learn about the social, economic, and housing characteristics of the Township.  Includes comparisons to the United States as a whole.
  • City Data: A variety of information ranging from the job market, real estate, climate, education, and even earthquakes.
  • Wikipedia: From the most popular (and user-editable) online encyclopedia in the world: read the Wikipedia entry on Edison Township and this one about the Edison schools and see how many internet users around the world first learn about Edison.
  • Crime reports: see information about the number and rates of crime throughout the State.  They show that in 2008, Edison had 237 violent crimes (vs. 226 in 2007) and 2,212 nonviolent crimes (vs. 2,245 in 2007).  That is a 2008 crime rate of 2.4 violent crimes per 1000 residents and 22.1 nonviolent crimes per 1000 residents, for a total rate of 24.5/1000.  These included 6 rapes, 83 robberies and 147 aggravated assaults.  Only three towns in Middlesex County have higher crime rates – New Brunswick (58.4), Woodbridge (30.3) and Perth Amboy (27.7).  Twenty-one towns have lower rates. Presently, 2009 numbers are not yet available.

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